Blast off years of use from your equipment without damage

Western Dry Ice Blasting provides strong, eco-friendly industrial cleaning solutions to Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta.

Preventative maintenance cleaning is vital to avoid unsafe working conditions in a plant or production facility. Dry ice blasting can be performed in place, providing little to no production downtime, creates no secondary waste to clean up, and is safe on electrical: a truly cost-effective cleaning solution.



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5 Reasons to Use Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Increases uptime through in-place cleaning
  • Cleans without damaging the substrate
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for hazardous solvents
  • Quicker and more thorough than cleaning by hand
  • Safe around electrical components

Explanation of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting, Dry Ice Cleaning, or CO2 Blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets known as dry ice. Dry Ice Pellets sublimate once they’ve hit the surface to be cleaned (meaning they convert directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapour) leaving a clean, dry surface with no residue or secondary waste created.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Is Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The Dry Ice Blasting process is superior to blasting with sand, glass beads, and other types of cleaning methods for numerous reasons. As an Eco-friendly cleaning alternative, the dry ice cleaning method is quickly becoming favored for environmental as well as production reasons. Due to the nature of the Dry Ice Blasting process, there is no waste to be disposed of. Tremendous performance gains of little to no production downtime, quality of the clean, no clean-up, and minimized damage to equipment make Dry Ice Blasting a cost-effective cleaning option.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Heavy Haulers and Mining Equipment

Western Dry Ice Blasting has extensive experience cleaning mining equipment. We save companies time and money by decreasing downtime and increasing the lifespan of your machinery.┬áDry Ice Blasting can be performed all winter long with no worries about freeze-ups. It’s completely safe since it creates no secondary waste, unlike high-pressure washing.

Why Dry Ice Blasting Is Ideal for Cleaning Mining Equipment:

  1. A Deep Clean: Small particles of dry ice deliver a thorough clean by getting into tight spaces that are inaccessible by hand, removing all dirt, grime, tar, and bitumen residue.
  2. A Safe Process: Dry ice blasting is a completely dry, non-abrasive process, making it safe for use on electrical components.
  3. Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly: Dry ice blasting is an all-natural process that replaces chemical or solvent-based cleaning and manual cleaning.
  4. Reduced Downtime: The process is fast and can be performed on-line without disassembly and without the need for dry time.
  5. Self-Contained, Portable Equipment: We come to you! Our equipment is comprised of self-contained, portable units that enable cleaning to take place in situ, no matter where your trucks are in the mine.