Variable Frequency Drive Maintenance with Dry Ice Blasting

For the best in variable frequency drive maintenance, trust in the precision and efficiency of dry ice blasting.


VFD Maintenance with Dry Ice Blasting

Variable frequency drives, or VFDs, control the voltage and frequency of electric motors across various industries. VFDs need to be cleaned on a regular basis for safe and efficient operation and to help prevent short-circuiting and arcing.

Dry ice blasting is the premier choice for VFD maintenance and cleaning, as its safe, non-conductive, and precise approach ensures that the variable frequency drive operates at its best and your business can continue performing effectively.


Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for VFD Maintenance

Dry ice blasting offers a revolutionary approach to variable frequency drive maintenance. By using our non-abrasive and moisture-free cleaning method, businesses can efficiently eliminate contaminants without risking damage to sensitive VFD components. The result is prolonged equipment life and optimized performance.

Dry ice blasting offers the following benefits for VFD maintenance:

  • No moisture
  • No secondary waste
  • Non-conductive
  • Variable pressure for aggressive and gentle cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased efficiency
  • Quickly clean hard-to-reach areas

The Dry Ice Blasting Process

Schedule Our Team

Our team works with you to find the best time to arrive on site, scheduling our team to meet your needs.

Create a Plan

Our team examines the project and creates a game plan, organizing tools and safety equipment required to clean effectively.

Cleaning Begins

Our team arrives on site to perform dry ice blasting, using our innovative technology to quickly and safely clean your equipment.


With blasting completed, our team removes the residue and waste left behind from the cleaning. Your site and equipment are now ready to be used!

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