Fire Restoration with Dry Ice Blasting

Recover and restore damage caused by smoke and fire easily with non-toxic, eco-friendly dry ice blasting from Western.


Dry Ice Blasting for Fire Restoration

Whether removing damage from fire or smoke or flash overs, dry ice blasting is the most effective cleaning method for fire restoration. This safe and non-toxic cleaning solution removes soot, smoke residue, acidic carbon residue, and other debris left behind from fires effectively without the use of any additional chemicals.

Our team is happy to provide the following solutions while completing fire restorations:

  • De-charring/blast cleaning
  • Manual cleanup
  • Smoke sealing
  • Deodorizing

Benefits of Using Dry Ice Blasting for Fire Restoration

Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic solution that allows industrial, commercial, and residential locations to recover from fire damage quickly and safely while helping you save money by restoring instead of replacing property.

Dry ice blasting for fire restoration helps:

  • Remove smoke odour
  • Clean materials like wood, brick, stone, and more.
  • Safely clean electrical components
  • Clean detailed areas with ease
  • Doesn’t require special waste removal
  • No chemicals

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The Dry Ice Blasting Process

Schedule Our Team

Our team works with you to find the best time to arrive on site, scheduling our team to meet your needs.

Create a Plan

Our team examines the project and creates a game plan, organizing tools and safety equipment required to clean effectively.

Cleaning Begins

Our team arrives on site to perform dry ice blasting, using our innovative technology to quickly and safely clean your equipment.


With blasting completed, our team removes the residue and waste left behind from the cleaning. Your site and equipment are now ready to be used!

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