About Western Dry Ice Blasting

The story behind our success: steadfast commitment, relentless innovation, and an unwavering focus on safety.

Who We Are

Western Dry Ice Blasting started as a branch of an Ontario company. Our journey in Alberta began when businesses here wanted dry ice blasting services on-site. For about five years, our team traveled from Ontario to Alberta to meet these needs.

By 2013, seeing the consistent demand, we established Western Dry Ice Blasting in Alberta, setting up shop at the Baldur/ABB site to regularly clean electrical motors.

Our local setup in Alberta gave us an edge. Many industrial firms in the oil sands recognized the advantages of dry ice blasting and began working with us.

Being locally-based meant we could offer cost-effective solutions without the added travel expenses that out-of-area companies had.

However, we faced a significant challenge when the Fort McMurray fires damaged our facility and equipment. Determined to push forward, we rebuilt our operations.

Now, Western operates from our original location. Our more extensive offices, storage, and cleaning facilities are a testament to our journey, resilience, and commitment to serving Alberta with unparalleled dry ice blasting services.

Environment, Health and Safety

At Western, the health and safety of our employees and the environments we operate in are paramount. Before we take on any project, ensuring our health and safety protocols are in place is our top priority.

Our employee prequalification process involves extensive documentation and continuous training, reinforcing our commitment to safety standards. This isn’t just a one-off protocol; it’s a dynamic process that we consistently revisit and refine. From safety goggles, helmets, and gloves to full-mask respirators, we equip our team with the necessary protective gear to ensure their well-being.

Every worker and subcontractor associated with us is not only expected to be familiar with our health and safety standards but also to adhere to the Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and other relevant guidelines.

Our proactive approach underscores our promise to our clients: that their projects are in hands that prioritize safety above all else.

Locations Served

Western is proud to serve businesses across the oil sands in Alberta. Our headquarters is in Fort McMurray where we proudly perform work with ease, but we are capable of operations across Alberta. If you have any questions about whether we can serve your location, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

Our Certifications

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