Fin Fan Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Revolutionize fin fan maintenance with dry ice blasting, the efficient cleaning solution that ensures optimal performance and prolonged equipment longevity without costly cleanup.


Fin Fan Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance

Fin fans are essential in the functioning of turbines, engines, and other systems. Fin fans must be cleaned in a non-abrasive, clean method that removes dust, dirt, and other particles without forcing them further into the system. Dry ice blasting penetrates deeper into the tube banks of fin fans, blasting away years of dust and debris without damaging the delicate fins.


Benefits of Fin Fan Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting safely cleans the delicate fins of fin fans while improving their efficiency and performance. This eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning method blasts debris and dust away with no secondary waste, so you can get back to regular service as quickly as possible.

Fin fan cleaning with dry ice blasting helps:

  • Improve fin fan efficiency by up to 30%
  • Clean out debris and dust with no secondary waste or additional cleanup
  • Helps prevent corrosion from moisture caused by other cleaning methods
  • Perform cleaning in busy areas without shut down

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The Dry Ice Blasting Process

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Create a Plan

Our team examines the project and creates a game plan, organizing tools and safety equipment required to clean effectively.

Cleaning Begins

Our team arrives on site to perform dry ice blasting, using our innovative technology to quickly and safely clean your equipment.


With blasting completed, our team removes the residue and waste left behind from the cleaning. Your site and equipment are now ready to be used!

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