Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting to Transform Your Operations

In the fast-paced industrial landscape – from oil sands to SAGD plants – efficiency and reliability reign supreme. Discover the transformative power of dry ice blasting and why it’s the top choice for industry leaders.


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How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry ice, or CO2 blasting, is a cutting-edge cleaning method that uses solid carbon dioxide pellets, commonly known as dry ice. These pellets are propelled at high velocities onto a surface to be cleaned.

Upon impact, dry ice sublimates, turning instantly from a solid to a gas, causing a micro explosion that removes contaminants. This process is eco-friendly and leaves no residual waste behind, making it the preferred choice for several industries.


The Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Choosing the right cleaning method can significantly impact your operation’s longevity and reliability. Discover why dry ice blasting stands out.


Less Downtime

Dry ice blasting is a fast, thorough cleaning method that can be performed without equipment disassembly, electrical power shutdowns, or the need for any dry time.

No Damage

Cryogenic blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method that removes most contaminates without damage. It is safe to use on delicate areas like switches, panels, wiring, belts, or tubes.

No Secondary Waste

When dry ice blasting, there are no sublimates like water that result from the process. Solvents and chemicals aren’t necessary when cleaning with dry ice, which means there is nothing left behind.

Quicker and More Thorough

Dry ice blasting provides a more detailed and faster clean than other traditional methods. It also allows you to get into tight spaces inaccessible by hand, as the CO2 blast travels in small spaces easily.

Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly Cleaning

Dry ice blasting uses carbon dioxide to blast buildup and residue away. As carbon dioxide sublimates into gas, it leaves no residue behind. This makes it an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning option.

Dry Ice Blasting Versus Traditional Cleaning Methods

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Learn How Dry Ice Blasting Works

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Ice Blasting

Explore some of our most commonly asked questions. If your question can’t be found here, feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

How does dry ice blasting remove contaminants?

This depends on the type of contaminant you’re cleaning. If you’re removing a brittle contaminant like dirt, when dry ice changes form to gas, the micro explosion creates a compression tension between the surface and the dirt. This wave has enough energy to pop the dirt off from the inside out.

If you’re removing a soft or viscous coating like oil, bitumen, or grease, the cleaning action moves like high-pressure water. When the CO2 particles hit, they compress and mushroom out, creating a high-velocity flow that flushes the surface and releases the buildup.

What happens to dry ice once it strikes a surface?

The dry ice sublimates and returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas.

What happens to the contaminant?

With dry ice, the contaminant moves from the surface it was originally on to an area where it can be better dealt with, dropping from the surface. If it is a dry substance, it generally falls to the floor, where it is swept away. If it is a wet substance, we use a detailed approach similar to hosing down a driveway. You start at one end and guide the substance to the other end, where it is removed safely.

Is dry ice blasting noisy?

Yes. Noise is a function of air volume and air velocity. The noise level when dry ice blasting can range from 80-120 dB, and hearing protection is required.

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