Blast off years of use from your equipment without damage

Clean Electrical Equipment Safely with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a safe and thorough method in the industrial cleaning of electrical and sensitive components. Dry Ice Blasting is non-damaging and effective on power generation equipment, motors, matters, gas turbines, electric motors, and other electrical components.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a safe, fast, and “green” cleaning alternative around electrical applications.




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Why is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Safe to Use Around Electrical Equipment Applications?

Dry Ice Blasting uses Dry Ice as the cleaning agent. The Dry Ice sublimates on contact, leaving the surface dry to touch and creates no secondary waste to clean up. Dry Ice Blasting is an eco-friendly industrial cleaning method which saves time, money, and resources, leaving the original surface undamaged.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting Serves Many Benefits to Your Business

  1. Dry Ice Blasting is Effective on Electrical
    The process is very fast and dry. Dry Ice Blasting removes years of contaminant build-up, carbon deposits, and even the remaining grit from previous cleaning methods, all without  damage to sensitive components.
  2. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is Safe & Dry on Electrical
    Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a completely dry process with no damage to stator slots, turbine blades, or delicate components such as winding insulation, older insulation coatings, and rotor pole surfaces.
  3. No Damage to the Surface of the Substrate
    Dry Ice Blasting is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-corrosive industrial cleaning method. Because the aggressiveness of dry ice blasting can be controlled by the operator, with the selection of dry ice particle sizes and regulated compressed air stream, components such as windings and insulators can be cleaned with no damage.
  4. Dry Ice Blasting Provides a Thorough, Deeper Cleaning
    Since Dry Ice Pellets manage to reach every nook and corner of the equipment, it cleans more deeply and effectively.
  5. Cleans with a Natural Substance
    The cleaning media is made from the same substance used to carbonate beverages. This method does not generate secondary waste as does sand, soda, water, or grit cleaning. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning also replaces chemical and solvent based cleaning.

Clean Turbines, Transformers, Stators, Rotors, and More 

Dry Ice Blasting is a safe, fast, and eco-friendly solution to clean hydro generating equipment (stators and rotors), gas turbines, transformers, insulators, motor control centers, power distribution panels, system components, and more.

This method effectively eliminates carbon deposits, oil, greases, mechanical debris, and other contaminants from air vents, casing vanes, and ancillary turbine parts, facilitating a fast turnaround.

Clean your equipment without damaging metal surfaces, insulating coatings, or glyptal, obtaining superior results in just 20% of the time compared to cleaning by hand.