Blast off years of use from your equipment without damage

Fin Fan Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Fin fans are essential in the functioning of turbines, engines, and other systems. They require regular cleaning to ensure optimal cooling and lower production costs. Fins fans need a cleaning method that is not messy or abrasive and does not cause corrosion and force dirt, dust, and unwanted particles further into the system.

Western uses dry ice blasting, which compared to other industrial cleaning methods, can penetrate deep into the tube bundle, blasting away years of dust and debris without damaging the delicate fins.

Dry ice blasting uses solid dry ice pellets as a blast media which sublimates on contact creating no secondary waste to clean up. Dry Ice Blasting is an eco-friendly industrial cleaning method that saves time, money, and resources, leaving the original surface undamaged.

Improve Fin Fan Efficiency by up to 35%

Western’s dry ice blasting can improve the efficiency of fin fans by up to 35% by cleaning built-up dust and debris, allowing air to pass freely through the fins.  

Dry ice blasting cleans out the debris and dust with no secondary waste, compared to water and foam applications that must be cleaned up in the areas below the fins.  As soon as these pellets come into contact with the surface of the fin fan, the impact causes them to transition back into carbon dioxide gas. This gas expands, which causes the outer coating – i.e., the dirt, dust, or grime – to loosen and break free.

Dry ice blasting is preferred to other methods because it’s non-abrasive. No damage is caused to the system, regardless of how often it’s cleaned. Likewise, there’s no residue, moisture, or waste left over. This prevents mould, mildew, and corrosion.

Finally, dry ice blasting is safe for equipment, people, and the environment. This makes it the ideal solution to be used in busy areas and workspaces.

Serving Fort McMurray

As a local company serving the greater Fort McMurray area, Western Dry Ice blasting is a strong advocate of environmentally safe cleaning methods.

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